Architectural Policies


At a regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors, the Board adopted and approved the following policy to become effective July 20th 2005.
Any lot owner submitting a plan for Architectural Review must agree to the following terms and conditions.

  1. On receipt of the final approved architectural plan the lot owner must agree to start the project within 3 months of the approval date.  An estimated competition date or timeline must be included in the final plan.  If the project has not begun within this time period specified, the plans must be resubmitted for review by the property manager, the association architect and/or the ASC committee
  2. An approved project must be finished within 6 months from the start date as noted on the final plan or within 30 days of the estimate completion date.  For any project that goes beyond the noted dates, the lot owner must provide in writing to the property manager and the ASC the reason for the delay and a new estimated completion date. Weather or any situation that may be beyond the control of the property owner that prevents the start and/or completion of the project, the Property Manager also must be notified, in writing, for a waiver to extend the project dates. 
  3. Any homeowner who fails to comply with these rules or cannot provide a reasonable explanation of the cause of the delay or a revised estimated completion date may be subject to fines and/or be required to revert the property back to its original condition. 
  4. Lot owners must provide the property manager with the company names authorized to work on the project.  If the project is to be completed in whole or in part by the lot owner, that too should be noted on the final approved plans.
  5. Upon completion of the project, the property manager must be notified that the project is completed and a final inspection must be performed by the property manager, association architect and/or ASC committee.  The inspection is to ensure that the project was completed as specified on the approved plans and that no violations of the ASC or HOA rules and regulations have occurred.

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