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  Welcome to our official web site at St Ives County Club. 
3000 St Ives Country Club Parkway
Johns Creek, GA 30097
 Email Sandy Bornhorn, Property Manager at :  sandy@stivescc.org
Kathryn Vautrot, Administrative Assistant:  kathryn@stivescc.org

                                                         This web site is sponsored and maintained by the St Ives Country Club Home Owners Association.

We welcome your comments, suggestions and contributions of content to our Web Site.  Community news, information and event schedules are welcomed.  The St Ives Home Owners Association is the lead planning and organizational center for the community.  It has an elected Board containing no more than nine neighborhood members.  An election is held annually.  Here you can find  important information and contacts for St Ives living. 

The Boards and Committees of St Ives include: 

Charity Guild

The Charity Guild of St Ives, Inc. was established for the purpose of assisting various philanthropic organization in our community.  While the Guild is independent of and not affiliated with the Country Club, both groups have supported and contribute to the success of the guild's activities.  Residents are invited to join in the activities of the guild.  

St Ives Country Club

The St Ives Country Club is a private club which is located adjacent to the St Ives community.  The Club sponsors events that take place at the Country exclusively for the members.  The Club's Board of Directors deals with issues that pertain to the clubhouse, golf, tennis, and swimming programs.  Please contact the club at 770 623-1239

St Ives Homeowners Board

The St Ives Homeowners Board is an elected board consisting of nine neighborhood members. The board is charged with managing the ongoing issues and needs of the community of St Ives. The board changes annually with elections. The issues include but are not limited to: Security, Architectural Review, Landscape, Infrastructure and Fiscal Policy.

For information regarding the St Ives CC Monthly newsletter please contact Bill Shirk at stivesnewsletter@aol.com

Hi!  I'm Sandy Bornhorn, Property Manager for the homeowners of St Ives.  We  are here to serve you.   We are now continually adding  information about our community to our web site, so check back often.  If there any matters that may concern you as a homeowner in St Ives, please feel free to call me at your convenience.  My office is on the second floor of the building as you enter St Ives. My Email address is sandy@stivescc.org.

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